Photo Fiction 1: Struggle

[A fiction inspired by a photo]

Muniyamma was leading a normal life with her husband KaaLappa and had delivered 4 wonderful kids by age of twenty four. They were a happy family though KaaLappa's daily wages met day-day meals and other basic ameneties.He moved from his village to the nearby town after he got a supervisor job in a Garments company.

All dreams of a better life and great future were shattered with the news of Muniyamma's husband, KaaLappa's demise. It was a fire accident caused by a short circuit in the garment factory that took his life. Compensation provided by the company was meager to lead a life with four little kids. Muniyamma lost interest in life and even tried to end it, but unfortunate enough the poison she consumed was adulterated and thus the hospitalization ate up the compensation amount.

Now with four little kids and a sick bed-ridden mother-in-law, Muniyamma had no choice but to face the reality and move on in her life. They had an acre of the ancestral land which was not ploughed in years. She did not give up. Life challenged her and she challenged life. The battle continued.

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Routine was set from many years now for Muniyamma. She was the breadwinner of her family. She had been struggling all her life to the welfare of her children. Mother-in-law died in the course of time battling with a kidney malfunction disease.

Komala, the eldest daughter was not good at studies. Dropped out of school in class 9th and started helping Muniyamma in household chores. She was now ready to be married and Muniyamma has already started the hunt for a prospective groom.

Krithika was sharp in arts and was now pursuing her graduation in fine arts and music.

Youngest of the lot - Mohan and Madan - were twins who were now in class 7th. The naughty kids the village school had ever seen. And of course they had the best scores on intelligence scale.

Muniyamma will struggle till the end. She is determined to fight her life to bring the best for her kids.

This story is purely fictional. But aren't such scenarios common in India? The picture I captured a while ago made me post this fiction. [Reality of course names is all imaginative, if any resemblance it’s purely co-incidental].

On a personal note, I hope and pray that such families completely struggling to face day-day life see some ray of light as soon as possible. If you ever come across any such family if not monetary donation/support please do not hesitate on providing moral support. Here Muniyamma was lucky enough to escape death but same would not be the case in real. It does not only cost one life, it costs the lives of the rest who depend on them and need them more.


Ranjana's craft blog said...

True...these are common in India. I have seen one such family...the lady lost her husband in an accident and struggling now with her old mother in law and a one year old son for the living...

Bikramjit said...

and this is why i harp on when people talk of how advanced etc etc .. there is a majority of indian population who live like that ..

sad sad .. i wonder when advancement will actually come for these people


ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

@Ranjana: Hmmm yes very common. Hope the lady you are talking about - soon find some support.

@Bikram: I shun those people who say India has advanced. Why dont they see the harsh reality that is right in front of their eyes?

KParthasarathi said...

A touching story.Many of the maids working as domestic help have similar stories but with an alcoholic wife beating husband and having more than one women with kids having their food in the mid day meal at school.Redemption for them is bleak in many cases.
The only solution is poor women should get vocational training with ability to stand on their own legs if need be.



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