Sankranti 2012

I had a post on this festival last year : Sankranti 2011

So I thought I would not post anything about the significance of the festival. But then why do we have another post with the title Sankranti? Somethings cooking!! yeah really....

Yes Indeed.

Sankranti Special this year at home - Rice flour sukha roti and
3 layered kaju katli/Barfi.

Rice flour sukha roti:
Ayyo! the recipie is not as complicated as the name goes.It is plain and simple. A dough made from rice flour mixed in boiling water with a pinch of salt. Make small ball of them by smearing a few drops of oil on your palms.Roll them softly and gently after a tap on rice flour. Put the roti on the tawa kept on a medium flame for about a minute on one side . Turn it on the other side.Using a spatula hold the roti right over the flame without the tawa so that the roti pops out nice and fluffy.
3 layered Kaju Katli/Barfi:
For those of you who had watched the Masterchef India episodes of season 2 the name
of the dish may sound familiar. Yeah we made them at home. 3 rich layers of strawberry-kaju, kesar-kaju and badam-kaju - Yummy and more than that. I had never thought it would be so easy to make them. Thank you Ajay Chopra and Vikas Khanna for this wonderful recipie.
How do I forget the Ellu-Bella[Til-Gud/Sesame seeds-Jaggery] that we make here in south India, to mark the harvest season. There is one beautiful click of the mix.
[Picture Courtesy: My sis. She clicks awesome stuff and here is one example]

Cattle gets all attention during this festival. Their horns get some bright paints after a full fresh wash early in the morning. Oil massaged body leaves a beautiful shine on them.The morning that followed Sankranti , as I travel in the usual congested traffic, this pair of cows is what I found on the road waiting for the signal to turn green - all back in business after a fun filled weekend.
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and an exuberant Sankranti.


Sahana Rao said...

WOw! Sakkare achhu over ellu-bella looked awesome! And cattle decked up is missing the colors nowadays. :(
Sumptuous lunch. Happiness. Love these festivals. :")

Rachna said...

Seriously yummy! Happy Sankranti.

magiceye said...

wonderful post on Sankranti

Happy Sankranti to you and yours!!

ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

@Sahana: Hmmm exactly! Sakkare achhu eLlu- bella adds the beauty to this festival.. Howdu hasu ettugaLige eegina kaaladalli hecchu banna hacchi aaDambaradinda habbavanna aacharisuttilla. ello ondeDe maasutta baruttide ..

@Rachna: Thank you and I hope you had a good one too.

Amrit said...

Sorry I am late. Happy Sankranti. Pictures look great.



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