Office chitter chatters!

The new team in office is getting crazy day by day. If you are a part of a team that keeps you smiling and happy, then I guess there is no room for any tension. The task gets done smoothly, with no chaos.

Each of them are unique in their behaviours and traits. However I would like to write about this one "GUY". This GUY falls short on his English vocabulary skills. Well this is not the same guy about whom I had posted last year, but yet another funny sportive fella.

Exactly speaking, his problem goes like this: While he talks in English, his mind frames sentences in Hindi and the final outcome - funny statements and of course roaring laughter. I am not sure if people call this syndrome a kind of dyslexia or some other complex name from the medical dictionary. However the best part of all this is that - he joins the smiles, giggles and innocently says "galti se hogaya yaar!!". Poor chap!

Rock and Roll over these incidents:

1) It was a hectic day at work and the clock was ticking 8 in the night.

Me: "Hey Can you please debug this code for me. I have plenty on my hand?"
GUY: "Mera dhimag hang hogaya hain. I can't do it now"

Dhimag Hang hogaya hain :/

2) It was a testing peer review session , where another team mate was reviewing the testing document created by this "Guy".

Reviewer: " Why is test case #8 not complete and not according to the requirement?"
GUY: "Hey I am rotating my mind for 3 hours on this test case but could not solve it".

Rotating his mind :/ ha ha ha:)

3) One fine day "EmployeeX" was trying to find a colleague "Employee Y" who sits in the cubicle adjacent to this Guy. When the friend approached him to inquire about the lady.

Employee X: Hey do you know where Employee Y is ?
Guy: "Hey she is not in her berth from morning.I dont know where she has gone."

Not in her berth??? :/

4. Once it so happened that our hero had to take a long vacation and he had not planned for it. Another team member already had a planned vacation for the same working days. As a team leader I had to request one of them to compromise on their vacation so as to provide complete support and quality delivery of the assigned projects. This GUY thought for a while and after making some itenery checks on the net he came back to my desk and said "I will trim my leaves and come back in 5 days. not taking 10 days leave".

I was happy on two facts. First on the usage of "trim function"[computer associated terminology]even in his normal sentences and second for shortening his vacation:/

5.There was an audit scheduled of the projects our team delivered and I started randomly reviewing artifacts on the common documents repository. Guess what? The document that I had opened in front of me was created by this GUY. I needed a clarification on one of the artifacts and hence pinged him to stop by my desk for a minute.When he arrived I asked him to help me find a design for a particular business requirement.After a 10 minute search in the repository he says "Uska aur thoda look karna hain. Give me 5 minutes more, I will give you the document".

Look karna hain.. karo bhai look karo!! :/

This guy is very sportive and he has now improved his communication skills and is ever willing to correct his mistakes.

No offence to anyone. This is just for some smiles :) I have posted this after seeking permission from "the Hero".


KParthasarathi said...

Good.The office work does not seem to be all pressure and serious stuff.Thanks to the GUY you all have some fun and he gets some learning.

Anonymous said...

Too much only :)


Insignia said...

Hmm...good to have such light wight sessions around amidst crazy work isnt it? :)

Bikramjit said...

interesting :)

and hang ho gaya dhimag to REboot maro usko ...

made me smile all of them you guys are having fun then and its true when the team is happy and smiling work gets done faster ..


Raja said...

1. Dhimag hang hogaya : that is fine.. our brain works like our computer.. sometimes our mind stops working due to excess workload. He said the right thing in humorous way.

2. Rotating my mind : yup.. he was looking at the problem from different angles hoping for a solution.

3. Not in her berth: Ya.. according to freedictionary.. berth means job.. He was right.

4. trim my leaves: according to dictionary.. trim means to be in equilibrium.. yes he wanted to come to an equilibrium state. He was right.

5. look karna hain: yup.. need to do some look-ups..

Poor chap ???? He is not poor but rich in HUMOR. :)

Hariharan Valady said...

'Rotating my mind' is the best. Very nice post.

Anonymous said...

i also one of this type of guy
and its good that he is improving now

chitra said...

Thanks Bholo hamari tharaf se hero ko kyon ki isne hamara head bhi rotate kiya na.
thanks for the comment on my blog Ashwini. If you have any reqt. please send me a mail, id you would find on my blog.

Rachna said...

It is quite funny. Dimaag chakkar kha raha hai :).

ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

@KParthsarathi: hmmm I can leave it at 50-50. Sometimes when its really a do or die a situation such idocity causes irritation however otherwise it brings smiles on all the faces. :)

@Mahesh: ha ha ha:)

@Insignia: Absolutely.. Some entertainment is required you see:)

@Bikram: next time try karoongi.. Reboot!!! What an idea sirji...

@Raja: Thanks for the analysis. The GUY is so happy to read the support from your side.. Welcome to my space and I guess you have thrown a different light on our GUY's statements.. Wah Wah wah!! like your comment.

@Hariharan Valady: Thanks a lot!

@Chirag joshi: Arre hamare GUY to ek dost milgaya!! Welcome to my space. I will check your blog soon.

@Chitra: Sure ... Will get back to you on the ear rings. Thanks for stopping by.

@Rachna: he he he:)

Chintan Gupta said...

Deja Vu this!!

:) North Indian folks who can not speak much english talk like that. Met so many in college...

~ Chintan

Sahana Rao said...

LOL.. Rotating dimag was the best!
I have seen much such incidents, never been able to put it in a place like this.Kudos to you!

ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

@Chintan: hmmm:) I know .. Not only with North folks, I have a few friends down here in south also framing sentences in English by literally translating from their mother tongue. It happens you see:)

@Sahana Rao: Thank you ree.. I've tried to capture the essence of liveliness.

Sujatha Sathya said...

hehehe heegu unte!!
some good laughs there :0

ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

@Sujatha Sathya: ha ha ha.. hmmm heegu untu.:)



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