Who am I ?

I can hear a lot of you asking 'why this question now'? A few are thinking what went wrong. Yes I did watch a few scenes from the block buster movie Gajini last night but I'm not into any temporary memory loss or the kinds. Then Why am I asking this stupid question?

I have one younger sister who has made me laugh,wiped my tears, hugged me tight, watched me succeed, made me mad, cheered me up and made me the strong person I am now. She is one beautiful, talented and a very intelligent soul I know. This may not sound something new to quite a lot reading through.

At parties or other family celebrations if we are caught amidst the group of gossipping relatives (which we most of the times avoid) its become a practice for us to nod our heads when we are addressed by any of our names. Its been a big confusion till date amongst our relatives whom we visit not quite often. Both of our names start with "A" . Is that the reason for the confusion?

In our childhood days we spent our summer vacations at our grandma's place, and at the end of 2 sunny months probably we would have corrected atleast 20 of them with our right names :) , thats because I was addressed as "Archana" and my sis would be called "Ashwini".

As years passed by we've both got used to this so much that in either of our absence in case one calls me by her name or if she is called by my name - we simply answer back the call and respond.

Last week When I saw "Spicy Sweet" a fellow blogger wishing Archana for my Birthday, I had missed the name part on the comment, for that is habitual now. But yesterday another fellow blogger "Sujatha" addressed me as Archana in her comment. Oh no! This made me wonder who I am - Archana or Ashwini? and so you have this post out here. Don't worry girls I am not offended and my sister has also conveyed her thanks for the advance wishes. I pretty well know who I am. LOLz :)

I met a set of sisters in a train, couple of years ago,who have been named "Ashwini" and "Archana". Probably that was the best known trendy names of the era we were born in.

Now how many of you are confused with my name ?? hmmm Ashwini or Archana ??


Spicy Sweet said...

Oh no! Did I?
:D I am so sorry Ashwini.. I did not realize.. Probably I suffer from some vision problem.. :P
Come-on.. If somebody addresses me with a wrong name, it is fine taking the point that I have not put it up on my blog officially.. It is not the case with you.. !
Etching time. No more mistakes.
You are ASH-WIN-I! OK...
Registering.. Please wait
||||||||||| 100% Complete

Mishi said...

AShwani! I like this more then Archana...
thankz LOrd I have always called you Ashwini:-)

Anonymous said...

Nice post Archana,



well..are both of you so similar looking that ppl get confused or what????
but does it matter anyway, as they say...."are yaar NAAM ME KYA RAKHAA HAI"....
moreover i think there is a solution to it, start visiting ur relative quite often so that they can even recognise you by ur shadow and say look again she came to make us bore....:P

btw a nice read...and dont worry you are AShwini only n for all us its clear enough now...:)

ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

@ Spicy sweet: That is so nice of you.. You need not be sorry, cos you gave me an opportunity to write a post up here. Thank you for the registration :) LOLzz..

@ Mishi: Well its okay if people address me with either of the names cos now I've got used to it and so has my Sis. Just thought about this to be fun and thus ended up penning down the incidents.

@ Mahesh : hey gotch you ! Me Archana ??

@ Irfan : Ha ha ha : Well we don't resemble much except for those long poking nose which has been inherited by our ancestors. Probably what you've said is what we gotta do, visit relatives more often so that they remember us by the right names. Definitely naam me kya rakhaa hai??

Jeevan said...

Hum... little confuse now. Lol!

I too had similar experience in this name as me and my bro’s name starts with J – Jeevan and Jayanth, those who meet us after long back calls him by my name and me in his. We correct them then. Nice post on u and u r sister. My best wishes to both of you.

Btw. My close cousin name is Ashwin! :)

Sujatha Sathya said...

gosh...i didnt even know this. if it hadnt been for ur post, i'd never know! in fact,i thot mayb u had put my name on d post by mistake, instead of someone else's. then i went straight to d post, & to the rogue comment. & d horror was not only had i mentioned archana but d comment got published thrice!
truly sorry.
d error happened coz i also follow a blog by archana called a rupee for my thoughts. when i read ur post, for a sec i thot mayb u both are sisters. but den she is from chennai.
maafi :((

Anonymous said...

They say it is British humor


ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

@Jeevan: Welcome here.. hmmm Nice to hear your story and thanks for your wishes.

@ Sujatha:Heya... nicely described how your feelings were when you saw your name on the post.:) :) Need not be sorry dear.. It happens... And I also follow Archana's (from Chennai)blog.

ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

@ Mahesh :)

Rachna said...

hmmm interesting. I have a sister too. She is named Renu but I don't remember anyone ever confusing us :).

ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

@ Rachana : I am still clueless of the reason why people confuse with the names - Ashwini and Archana.. ha ha ha.



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