Lacking Common Sense!

As I start to write this up, am fuming with anger. It might be an exaggerated emotion, but ask the other 2 who went through the act with me and you will end up hearing some more.

Firstly what do you mean by common sense?

Common sense is beliefs or propositions that most people consider prudent and of sound judgment, without reliance on esoteric knowledge or study or research, but based upon what they see as knowledge held by people "in common". This might be the dictionary meaning for the term,however in simple it is something that a person should be aware of without being told or forced by someone else. Hope you are in agreement! If that’s the case let me know what you'll do in a frustrating case like the one we observed last evening.

As the boring Sunday was turning out to be a very boring Sunday; Sis, a friend and myself thought of venturing out on an undestined place. Unsurprisingly the thought on all minds was to avoid the suffocating crowd, mainly wanted to keep our souls out of the malls. I had an idea of visiting any exhibition but since none of the good ones running in the city, the option was pushed out of the stack. Later as we headed to a part of the city where a lake with an adjoining jogger’s park is located, an idea of boating struck the brains. We were not aware if they had the boats up and running this season yet. Minimum amount of circus to park the car is always a part of our trips. On finding a good spot we parked and walk down the path leading to the entrance of the park. Fried corn was the attraction! 30 Rupees popped to get 3 of those fried corns and we happily thought of walking inside the park with it, to enjoy a nice eat, talk and walk. But hey "Wait!” This was the signal from the guard trying to maintain the vicinity clean and clear from all the waste. Okay, I see some improvement from the authorities. On snacking the corn completely, we made the waste go into the right garbage bins. Our part of commitment to a cleaner society. Summer holidays on the go, you find kids every nuke and corner. Revived those lovely moments once again.

With those thoughts still tarrying on the heads we moved out. Our minds were curled like a school going kids' head and we started acting like one of them. Ice Candies - mango and lychee from a hawker nearby, then the soap bubbles. Oh god, it was so refreshing.

Now after all this, it was time we thought about the next hop stop. Why not a visit to a temple nearby? And the wheels followed a couple unknown roads to only land up in the known one after a few random turns. There we were with the parking spot hunt activity again, near the temple and we were lucky to find one. Alas! Nothing working out. We were there at 5:30 pm sharp and that’s the time of Naivedyam [offerings to God] and no devotees allowed till 6:30 pm. Wow! What next? An hour’s wait equates boredom. Shopping wasn't any bad idea. Moreover we weren’t far away from an old and familiar market place.

Pulled out the car to reach the market area. Ensured that the car was parked at a safe and sound place. Checked for all no parking sign boards to certify we are okay on that spot. A glass of fresh melon juice sufficed the thirst and refreshed us yet again. A pair of sandals is what I bought. Then we marched through the fresh vegetables market lane to pick some veggies directly from the farmers. It was indeed direct from the fields, fresh with mud. Dumped all these in the car and planned to walk the distance to make it for the temple visit by 7pm. It was a complete exercise walking the 60 degree inclined lane, threadmill effect in a realtime!

Offering our prayers to the almighty as we descend the steps, we caught the sight of prasadam being distributed. Having the pongal prasadam we strolled back to the car and guess what happened?

Car was still there. Then why the worry, you might wonder. There lying was our poor car with one car in the front and another parked right behind ours with no signs of the owners. WTF!! Literally that was our reaction. Who is this who lacks minimum amount of common sense? Is it sufficient if you make space for your car by blocking the others in the lane? Simple! Think if you can take your car out, if someone parks another right in front leaving an inch of space between the wheels. Ridiculous wait almost got us into wild thoughts like - “Puncture the tyre of the car", “Scratch the body with some weird slogans” and the like.

Indeed the complete wait was about an hour and to top it all was the smiling excuse with a single word "SORRY" from the owner of the car on his return. Sis was on her nerves and started the blah blah blah ...His response was "No English am from rural". Sarcastic look on my sis face, then both my sis and the friend went right from ಅ to ಅಃ and ಕ to ಳ in Kannada. Still one simple and ridiculous "Sorry" is what was received as a response.

This is the level of common sense prevailing in today's drivers. When I was iterating this to an auto driver he made an awesome statement that brought a smile on my face. "Madam be thankful that another two wheeler wasn't parked in between the cars". Ahmmm! thats true, we were spared from that part of the mess atleast.

We do not expect a person to be knowledgeable to follow lane and parking rules as per guidelines in the book, but isn't it common sense for one to be able to judge. If he is not able to, then who gave him the license???

What do you do in such scenario? If you drop ideas it might be helpful in future when we come up with something similar. Hoping not to experience it again.


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