Why is the title named so? Little bit of rambling into the below piece of writing helps you know more. . .

Mom,dad and aunt were on a 3 day schedule of visiting relatives. Saturday afternoon - already headed to attend a house warming ceremony at Shimoga - a town about 6 and odd hours travel distance away on road from the Busy Bangalore. The weekend of Sankranti was so gloomy altogether, everone at home had flu and it had got onto us with a weirdest symptom I could think of. No nostrils blocking ,no head ache but kept everyone busy with the sneezing act.
Amidst all this,Sis and me tried to keep the kitchen routine going on as usual for the next 2 days making sure we have things right when the real time owners of the Kitchen return.

Sundays are usually the relaxing morning we have but this was an exception. My sweet saturday night had already gone for a toss. Guessing why? It was the water-day (hmm rather water night). Our locality has gotten into this odd hours for water schedules. Thanks to BWSSB(Water supply board). Midnight is when the filling of overhead water tanks or the sumps need to take place in order to quench the thirstof all water related activities for the following day and the one after that. I wonder how dad performs this routine activity with less or no hick-ups.I really admire him for doing this without much of a fuss every alternate day. Dad is now in Shimoga and we had to get this task accomplished. I Managed to fight "The always winning sleep" and "The sneezing" syndrome(remember the weird flu I had caught) , finally achieved victory of getting it done at quarter past 1!

Next thing I remember is that I hit back bed to catch some sleep before its time to wake up. I dont know why the sun does not like to rest even a second more than what is on his planner. He pops out promptly as the day sets in. Duty obidiently followed. But what about poor chaps like me and sis who crave to sleep a little more? while thats the way it is , we got up by the usual time even though we cribbed of less sleep for the rest of the day.

Breakfast idea was on mind previous night. The garbanzo pea was soaked overnight for the curry to be made. The chapatis were ready almost matching the shape of circles. Sis actioned out the plans and we had our tummys rejoicing in less than an hours time. What about lunch?? - to keep it simple I cooked some plain veggie rice and some dal tadka. Chinese menu filled our stomachs for dinner. Now thats it for sunday!

Here starts the real story. The trio were returning back to Bangalore from their short hectic vacation on Monday. They were expected at dinner time. I usually reach home late after the days work. So called up sis to cook some rice for all of us. I gave her the directions to be followed and let her do the rest of the task.

I enter home with a cheerful smile on face, happy to see mom back in kitchen. Darling Sis had finished cooking rice for dinner but it was undone. Could still feel rawness in rice. I was definite on the fact that there was some miss on what I had guided and the way she executed it. When inquired we found out that sis had cooked 4 cups of rice instead of 2. Rest all was fine. She was cooking rice in our fantastic rice cooker (pun intended - its automatic but needs manual intervention to have it whistle) for the first time and to add to this chaos , sis had also taken a piece of advise from our loving neighbour aunt. Now that the rice had to be cooked properly before consumption, remedial measures and ideas started pouring in to clear the damage. The rice went in for the second round of cooking and this time it was mom who took over the task. without any doubt, 20 min later the dining table was ready for dinner to be served.

Consequence of this cooking rice trial:

Sis says cooking rice without a cooker is far more easier and tension free - no hassles of waiting for the first whistle, no need to keep the count on them later on. Thats how she will cook rice going forward:) - the typical sis ways! Is the title apt for this complete episode? I hope you are in agreement with me.


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