Cent Story 6: Innocent Request

Mittoo was more than a friend to Krish, the 8 old boy and a loyal pet to his owner Rajat, the Magician. Krish lived in a fantasy world, a world where everything was magical around him. 

There comes an end to all living beings, and Mittoo was not spared either. He breathed his last on the way to the veterinary hospital. Krish did not understand that Mittoo had left them.Krish pestered his Magician dad and cried “Dad, use your magical powers and bring back Mittoo to me". Rajat had no words to console his sons agony.


KParthasarathi said...

An innocent and credulous child Krish can be consoled only by gift of another dog.

B. said...

helooooooooooo , rememeber me

right I found this sad, I am a dog lover myself and I rmember spending sleepless nights in the hospital trying ot save "Jimmy".. :(




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