Traffic Masti.

Traffic masti!
There were days when people asked about the "weather" when we meet in the mornings maybe at the
lounge or while walking up the stairs or say while making hot coffee up there in the pantry. Now the subject seem to have moved to "Bangalore Traffic". I walk into the office premise, the security man asks "madam, aaj itna late.. Traffic zyaada kya?"["Madam, you're late today. Was the traffic so bad?"]. I give him a nod and a sheepish smile sticks to my face. Next a colleague greets with a sweaty hand and says " Oh pathetic roads and damn the growing traffic." Remember, I have the smile still stuck to my face. Hence only exchange of morning greetings continue.

I read this somewhere.

Man1: Sir , I guess you have a Honda City.
Man2: Yes thats right I have the super class car but no roads to drive on.
Man1 and Man2 : ***Smiles***

That is so true!!!

There have been too many cartoon strips on Bangalore traffic. Each one is hilarious than the
Definitely I picked these up from the web.

Hope there is some light shown towards this problem. If only people can start using Public transport things will drastically change. But they don't , I dont understand the reason why.. Do you?


KParthasarathi said...

Sadly funny.This is not the way a big city can remain.Several things need to be done on war front especially in areas prone to traffic snarls.As you said use of public transport should be encouraged.May be when metro comes into full operations things will improve.

Insignia said...

Haa sad truth. Having lived all my life in Bangalore; I dread about traffic these days. How horrible. And yeah; i hope the pubic transport becomes more efficient.

A Homemaker's Utopia said...

Hmmm..Metro-Metro kee kahaani :-)


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