38th Annual Cake show - Bangalore.

It was the penultimate day of 2012. I was not sure if the Annual cake show that is held every year in Bangalore was still on. I did not want to miss it not that they are exquisite or extra ordinary but I love the imagination of the innovators/creators. The zeal and enthusiasm for baking has been part of my life now. Bake a cake has become my mantra lately.

So the journey began. Late in the afternoon after a quick cup of coffee, I jumped into my favorite pair of salwar kameez , favorite because it helps me bend, stretch and capture pictures the way I need them to be. It was the last day of the show and I had expected a huge crowd , long queues. On reaching the venue I noticed that the crowd was not bad though.

It was a warm evening and a day before new years eve. Guess that may be a reason many opted to stay back home.Happily planning for the Big event - Welcoming 2013.


As I walked past the entry I saw a huge structure - something like a 5 sided brick wall each wall depicting a place of worship from each religion - Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism and Sikhism. It was depiction of communal harmony.
On the other side of the aisle stood a 4.5 feet tall Sweet Bride.

A Huge Masala Dosa made of sugar fonding was interesting . An eye-catching piece was a large, really a large Pizza which marked the top on showstopper's list of this sugary event.
Characters like Spiderman, Lion were definitely the plus points. A couple of wedding cakes made their presence welcoming too. Shri. C Ramachandran, Former Director of Nilgiris holds this cake show and this one was a record breaking 38th annual Cake show.
 This one below was a display below was of a crown over a set of sweet cushions. The one on the right is a beautiful wedding cake.

A drum set to Rock and roll. Let loose and get set for the party. It was an indication for the new year eve. I had no plans yet. New year was just a day away.

In reality we are not to photograph the cakes but you know this is India and we are the leaders where we go.:) Check that note there which clearly states Recording , taping and Photography strictly prohibited. Maybe since I usually make it to the event on the last day people do not care about this fact.
The mood was set for the setting sun and I had a happy hour at one of the low lit musical Dhaba in the central heart of Bangalore. A pleasant way to end a beautiful evening.


Ritesh Agarwal said...

Wow....the pics are just amazing....and i can see why u got so excited....everything looks yummy :)

KParthasarathi said...

That is really a wonderful display of cakes done with great imagination.I haven't seen something like this.thanks

Bikramjit said...

beautiful cakes, I saw then a few days ago one of the blogger friends had put them up ..



Jack said...


OMG! What efforts must have gone in for making these! Thanks for such good photographs.

Take care

Insignia said...

How did i miss this event? The cakes are gorgeous, i could never cut them

ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

@ Ritesh: Thank you So much.. and yes my excitement never dies for anything sweet out there:)

@KParthsarathi : I wonder those how those creative brains actually work?
The outcome is always fantastic.

@Bikram: Me need to gear up a little bit .. :( Am lagging behind so many posts you see. However thanks for dropping by and appreciating my efforts :)

@Jack: Yes there are many who work for about a week to put up this fabulous and spectacular show for us.

@Insignia: Next year don't miss it. I know how can you cut them?

The sugar fonding is melted down and given away to the needy ones. Thats what I heard from the head of Nilgiris once.

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

Looks very interesting!


Jay Singh said...

Hi Ashwini,

Wow, look at all those cakes, not only are they yummy, but they're delicious as well.

I loved the one which is in the shape of the bride, she looks so realistic :) :) :)

Thanks for sharing such lovely photographs :)

P.S. Do check out & vote for my entry for Get Published.


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Maliny said...

such a creative venture ! loved the snaps . . :)

Chennai cakes said...

The cakes are gorgeous.You can say How to make drum cake ?

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