Him and Her ~ Fiction

Disclaimer: All characters in this short story are fictitious. If any resemblance to either living or dead then it is purely co-incidential.

Bhoomika ran out of the main door bidding a Goodbye. As her parents wave their hands, she jumped into a taxi that had been waiting for an hour. Her flight from Delhi to Chennai was scheduled to depart at 6 am and she was running late as usual.

Bhoomika worked in an MNC after her graduation. Holding a masters degree from the University of Stanford landed her in a position that demanded her skills to be used to the maximum. Talent and expertise at the best, made her conquer the title Senior Manger, Marketing team. Close to 10 years into this corporate world had proven her abilities to sustain and bring in the best of the bests. Well, now she was working on a collaborative project that requuired a third party involvement. Risks are bound to be while working on any high profile projects in this highly challenged and competitve era. Bhoomi had it in her, to win out many such elaborative opportunities for Mitra Corporations.

Angad, an MBA graduate from one of the Top A schools met Bhoomika in the early days of their respective Careers. Things turned out good from either ends and they tied the knot 8 years ago.At present they were a happy family living in Chennai.Chennai had been home for Bhoomika ever since she started her Career with Mitra Corporations. Her marriage with a guy who also hailed from the same land made it even better.

The news of her paternal grand mother's death called for her quick visit to Delhi. Angad was out in London. He was on one of his routine business trips and he would not turn up for the next 2 weeks. That left her more stressed. She had to leave many meetings unattended, postpone several of them for a week,engaging her daughter Kruti with a friend who offered help during the time of need. She made a couple of phone calls - to the air-booking call center, a taxi wala, some official calls to handle things during her absence. After making all the arrangements she rushed to Delhi to pay her last rights to her loving grand mother.

Nikki Aunty in her late fifties, jobless and currently posing status single, after her husband had left her for reasons unknown,preyed her eyes on the ongoing activities in the neighbourhood. The gossips she carried had more content than the daily newspaper. While Bhoomika was to leave she had put in a word to Nikki Aunty to keep a watch, as she'll be gone for a week to which Nikki aunty kindly obliged. However it was no different work for her, a part of her daily routine included the duty of the colony's watchman:).

Bhoomika called up in intervals to check on her daughter. She was worried of Kruti as this was the first time she was away for long from her dear daughter. Angad returned early and as he came home Nikki aunty handed over the keys and gave a detail report of who had come to visit them while they were gone and what she had done with the newspapers/ magazines/ mails that were marked to their residence. Angad was tired and paid no attention to any of it. He threw the keys, hanged the door upon her. Courtesy sake, he made a call to his wife letting her know he landed safe and now was back home.

Bhoomika wanted to talk more but he ended the call. She knew he was not sounding the same he did, before he left. His voice was dull. She sensed there was some problem but could not figure out details from the short conversation. Bhoomi made reservations for the first available flight to Chennai next morning. And there she was rushing to the airport for the flight that was scheduled at 6 am.

Angad lay on his bed thinking of his deeds. He had committed a crime in his own terms. He had betrayed his wife. He loved Bhoomi and there was no room for anything of the sort which would come in between. But this was it. Everything had gone for a toss. A lovely marriage and a happy family is never going to be the same . "Never ever" he thought to himself.

Last evening in London:
Angad had a meeting with the senior staff of the organisation where he had to make his presentation on the half yearly data compiled by a global survey. After the successful presentation he had the priviledge to meet a few gorgeous ladies who are the top notches of the organization he worked for. Ms. Bragalina, Stephen's lady Love was observing Angad very closely throughout the session. While in the lounge munching over some cookies and sipping some hot tea, she walked over to the bunch of people sharing some experiences with Angad.

Bragalina: Hey Angad, That was a pretty good job. I loved the intricate details you've worked on. Its difficult to get into those minute details you have highlighted upon.

Angad: Thank you Ms......

Bragalina: Ms. Bragalina. I am currently working on a project and that might definitely interest you.

Angad: What is it all about? I'd be glad if I could be of some help.

Bragalina: Yeah of course. Would you mind dropping by at Bridge hotel Suite 2014, 6 tonight.

Angad was very happy with the proposal. More projects meant more laureles and more growth. He was glad to accept the offer.

Angad: Well Bragalina.. I think I'd be able to make it by 6:30. I have a meeting that would run till 5 and I will drop by before I head back to my room. Is that okay.

Bragalina: Perfect! See you at 2014 then.

In the Bridge hotel:
Stunningly attractive, a real beauty, sophisticated, elegant, optimally designed, precisely engineered and finished to perfection. That was Bragalina. She looked so extraordinarily exquisite, so tantalizing, so sensuous, so temptingly inviting as she stood by the door. Her lovely, dark, expressive eyes begin to dance as she says a "Hello" and she gives Angad a smile so captivating that by instinct, and almost against his will his eyes lingers over her body. He felt a soft tenderness for her, a warm feeling of elation, but he quickly checked his thoughts and hastily said "Why don't we start discussing the new project in detail".

Bragalina moved her fingers through his curly hair, held him by his neck and said "why not. Please do join". Angad was reluctant at the start when she dragged him to the cozy bed in the corner, however he lost his control and soon they were on the bed making love.

He had committed the crime he dreaded of while he entered the suite 2014. He was embarassed of his wits and deeds. The unexpected had happened and he was sorry about it. He was shattered.

Depression and low waves walked with him as he left the room while Bragalina lay there totally satisfied and cherishing the moments. All his way back home, throughout the flight journey his mind was bombarded with a zillion thoughts , half of them ending up in unanswerable questions.

He had betrayed his wife and he had lost it all - a beautiful life, a loving wife, a sweet little daughter.

Bhoomika reached home next morning, Nikki aunty stopped her to inquire if everything was alright between her and Angad as Nikki aunty had seen him bang the door and had heard him weep. Bhoomika shunned this question and said "Of course aunty, Nothing is wrong and will never be. Can you please excuse me now. I need to rush in. ".

Bhoomika walks in, she sees her dear husband sitting in the corner of the bed and tears rolling off his face. She knew there was something that had upset him so bad. She could sense the guilt that was killing him from within. Angad looked at her caring eyes and he cried his heart. He cried and asked for forgiveness.

Angad: "Am really sorry. It was not intentional. My mind was fickle for a minute and this happened. It should not have happened. I have ruined it...."

Bhoomika: "What happened Angad? What did you do? "

Angad: "Bhoomi, Ms Bragalina... and I, No I can't... "

Bhoomika realized the content Angad was about to spurt out. She knew Angad for years now and he really cared and loved her. He was never a womaniser. He was repenting for his deed. He was genuinely sorry. Though hurt by his act, she consoled him and said these words "I know you have made a mistake, one that is punishable and I also know that it was not intentional and you are repenting on your actions, hence I forgive you dear. I love you and hope we keep the trust and love go beyond the levels we are right now."

He held her tight and said "I'll never repeat this in life and I love you too. Thanks for being there and understanding me."

As Bhoomi wiped his tears and hugged him to lay a soft kiss, Kruti ran into the room shouting " Mama, Dada I am home. Buy me an ice-cream for being nice to Nikki aunty all this while outside."

They laughed and the positivity filled the room and they were a happy family united again for a fresh start.

How about some of these quotes:
~ Forgive and forget are the two mantras of success, however they should be genuinely gained. ~ Anonymous
~ Anger makes you smaller, while forgiveness forces you to grow beyond what you were. ~ Anonymous
~ Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future. ~Paul Boese

This was my ending to the story. Do you have different thoughts. Do Share.


Sujatha Sathya said...

reminds me of another one: all's well that ends well :)

betrayal is a very dicey subject. i remember writing about it last year on my blog

so i know the ending here looks picture perfect. it may be because it is fiction & also because all your fictional accounts you have tried (is it conscious?) to keep it a certain length unlike some i read that goes on & on & on. thank you for that Ashwini.i know its not easy to build a story & take it to its logical climax with a tight hold on its length & esp when the issue involves an emotion as confounding as this one. i must say - well done there

Sujatha Sathya said...

oh wow, i was so happy to see the line "your comment was published" :)))

subtlescribbler said...

well..the ending was perfect on account of giving a good lesson but reality is somehow different though..Betrayal cant neither be forgotten nor forgiven so easily :)


KP said...

Ur style of narration is very captivating and the plot is nice and contemporary..!

Rachna said...

You tried to give it a good ending. As Sujatha says, it is easier done in fiction. I would say, forgiveness, if it comes will come later and not so easy. Life is not easy and betrayal especially between a husband and wife is very painful. Too simplistic! Though, I completely believe in the power of forgiveness.

ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

@Sujatha: That's absolutely said right. Fiction I thought needs a hapy ending, however in reality I would think a lot over this subject of betrayal. Its hard and definitely not an act that can be forgiven easily.

And regarding the length yes I prefer to keep them crisp and clear, cos I myself leave a lot of stories half read just for the fact that they too long.

Ha ha ha:D I have the comment moderation activated for posts older than 3 days..

@Sarah: Appreciate your viewpoint. Reality is definitely a contrast to the storyline.

@KP: Thanks for reading.

@Rachna: Hmmm while I was penning the end of this story I had actually written it to end the hard way. But I tried this ending and I liked to end it in a happy mode. Yeah reality is harsh and punishable I know but... How I wish this forgiving and forgetting is as easy as a wink.

Spicy Sweet said...

Good story line.
No one is can go out of this world flawless. We do have our own flaws.
When life is bigger than the flaws, one can forgive. Attitude is what that matters. Loved the quotes in the end.

Anonymous said...

Well bad thing to do .. But it seems angad had some moral values he felt bad and told his wife straigh away , so thats good.. BUt i doubt if things will be forgiven os easily it will take time .. maybe some time of living away from each other .. and a lot of repenting by angad for sure ..

how can a man jsut go to bed with a woman without a thought is what i ma thinking or maybe i am weird man ... dont know


Rachna said...

No you are not weird Bikram. If more people were like you, there will be less problems around the world :). I know for a fact that no amount of temptation can make me forget that I have a loving husband and family at home. I just don't buy the " I got carried away" line, because I apply to same morality to my own conduct.

ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

@Sahana: I was actually looking for those lines - "No one is can go out of this world flawless. We do have our own flaws.
When life is bigger than the flaws, one can forgive." But I am kind of oscillating between both the views - forgive or not to forgive. Maybe it depends on the context and the situation.

@Bikram: Bikram you aren't weird, you are absolutely doing fine. I'd love to see all think the way you do. As I said in one of my previous comments I was kind of climaxing the story with the thoughts you have shared. But then somewhere I felt this way it sounded better and yeah I appreciate your thoughts.

It is not easy to forgive so easily. Agreed!!

@ Rachna: Hmmm Thanks for stepping in and bringing that line - "I know for a fact that no amount of temptation can make me forget that I have a loving husband and family at home. I just don't buy the " I got carried away" line, because I apply to same morality to my own conduct." I know this is what each one should remember whatever hits them whereever they are. Very well said. Thanks.

Sum said...

Hi Ashvini, I was able to read this story only today... Nice read.. IMO, it was because of what Angad was for all those years, Bhoomi was able to forgive...
And loved the lines at the end... Wonderful quotes... I too am oscillating between forgive-or-not-to-forgive, though in a completely different context with completely different set of people....



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