Technology growth!

What’s new? A techno geek walked into XYZ shop and asked the attendant – Hello what’s new today? This is a common scene one can observe in most of the outlets growing in various parts of the cities also expanding the horizon slowly into the rural parts.

Technology is growing every day, new discoveries and inventions making a strong mark in every field of life. Today it’s so easy to talk to your dear ones who are miles away in a part of the different world by just dialing a few numbers. Ordering your favorite Pizza’s and getting it delivered to your home is just a few clicks on your computer screen. Life is getting to such a level where everything seems automated and the most admiring fact is that you can still be grounded at one station.

Today’s world has products ranging a wide spectrum that is cutting time and energy on most of your daily routine activities , be it your morning brushing using the battery operated brush or your bedroom mosquito repellent that is switched on at night. Life gets adapted quickly to each of these new products in the market which makes everything seem easy going. The question one needs to answer at this point is - are we becoming slaves to these technical products with days passing by?

From my point of view – Yes we are! The machines are gaining an advantage over human intelligence. With the advent of artificial intelligence, robotics and in the world of today where scientific advancement has reached its maximum level, anything is possible to happen. Anything means really anything!

There are developments in various fields of technology - advancement in medicine and hospital support, advancement in communication, advancement in agriculture, advancement in infrastructure and what not. It’s a never ending list. We can term it the “Technical Volcano”.

As a child I would wonder how those live pictures get captured into a frame and could be revisited whenever required later – yes I am talking about the photos and videos. But now if you see the advancement photography has reached to, I am surprised even more. A decade ago could you ever believe that a day would come when the camera could automatically capture a picture when it detects your smile? It is possible! Thanks to the technology having opened up its arena in the direction of “Digital” mode. It’s so easy and handy for everyone to operate the digital devices available in the market. I feel proud when my granny takes a perfect picture with an easy click, when my mom and dad are able to operate the high end gadgets.

The thought of cooking in India in the olden days reminds me of the kitchen filled with the spicy aroma, where women involved in the preparation of the delicious items using those different hand operated mixers and grinders (made of stones usually). This is not something that has completely vanished but still it’s not a scene in most of the cities anymore. Thanks to the invent of electricity and the present day power operated mixers, choppers, processors and microwave oven – cooking is so easy but not as delicious as olden days. Ask an old aunt of yours to taste something you’ve cooked with the same ingredients as they did in their old kitchen, you’ll get to know!

There were days not so far ago when you had to stand for long hours in the queue to withdraw cash from your bank account. Now with the ATM’s cropping up all over, withdrawing cash can’t get any easier.

A recent visit to the grocery store kept me amazed when I saw square watermelons and baby carrots. Agriculture is not in the loosing game either. Various techniques to improve the growth of the harvest have been considered to obtain quality vegetables/fruits. Tomorrow if there is an article on red mangoes and green oranges I don’t think one would be surprised.

Science and technology growth has helped in various other aspects of life. The geo satellites which transfers the data about changes happening on earth and the anticipation of any danger or calamity is a gift to mankind I would say.

I’ve tried to pull in this short article some of the great deals of life that has been made so easy using advanced technology. This is a highly debatable topic and there are a lot here confused at this point of time deciding whether to use any automated devices that make life easy or whether to go back and lead a primitive life. I would like to make a valid point at this junction of my writing to clear the thoughts of all those who are reading this through – Use machines and its advantages when necessary and when not please avoid them.

Finally another machine is helping me wind up this article! Ironical isn’t it? But I am grateful to the advantages it provides me with.
Happy to be a part of this world filled with technology!
Ashwini Nagaraja

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Vishal Kataria said...

Technology has brought us closer to people far away from us, but distanced us from people close to us. More and more people spend time on the web instead of meeting real people. Conversations are now replaed by people plugging their ears with headsets. Useless and irrelevant updates fill up Twitter timelines and FB walls. It's great to have tech ease our lives, but as you rightly pointed out, we're turning into slaves of tech.

Artificial intelligence is already en route to becoming a powerful and threatening entity. I read about and watch more scientists who are delighted to see their robots and machines think for themselves. God knows if these machines will turn on their creators someday, the way we turned on ours (Mother Nature).



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